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A True Story

by on Apr.15, 2017

We have some friends who love listening to Jack’s Cats, but for these certain friends just listening isn’t enough; they want to get up and dance!!!

“If only we could learn how….” they thought, but then we mentioned our next live show, this Wednesday, April 19th at Rusty’s Rhythm Club. We explained how admission at Rusty’s includes a friendly and free beginner’s swing dance class (before our full concert) which always gets even the most awkward neo-hoofers rock-stepping. Honest! 30 fun minutes won’t turn these folks into Fred and Ginger, but they’re sure to be good enough to have real fun out on the floor.
And so it goes — now two more Jack’s Cats fans will be dining and dancing at our gigs. Who are these mysterious, real-life, soon-to-be-dancing friends? Maybe they’re you!

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Leo Potts sings on Chanté

by on Apr.06, 2017

Leo Potts’ Chanté is available everywhere.

Years ago when as an adult I decided to begin playing music, I was extremely fortunate to have Leo Potts as teacher, mentor, and friend. He has several albums to his credit, and has just added a new offering — Chanté.

In a recent interview on Spokane Public Radio Leo explains that his goal with Chanté was to freely express his inner voice through the sometimes problematic piece of plumbing we know as the saxophone. Hear the tracks and I think you’ll find his success most agreeable. This interview also contains hyper-distilled explanations of his remarkable method for wind instruments — a philosophy which defines my playing whenever I pick up a horn.

Congratulations Leo and as ever, thank you!

Chanté by Leo Potts & Tom Ranier can be had as a CD, digital download, or streaming through all the usual outlets.

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Friendships at The Coffee Gallery Backstage

by on Sep.07, 2016

On Tuesday, September 20th Jack’s Cats will hold forth for the first time at impressario Bob Stanes’ intimate and friendly Altadena listening room,  The Coffee Gallery Backstage. I’ve visited this space to enjoy many performances by top-drawer local musicians and visiting masters of international acclaim, but my favorite nights have been spent listening to my good pal Janet Klein, one of the “Backstage” regulars. She was there there recently with her band, the Parlor Boys.

As you might guess from Janet’s on-stage charm, she’s a warm and supportive friend to fellow musicians, so I gratefully leapt at her invitation to drop by her show to offer a preview of my own Coffee Gallery debut. As a way to introduce me to her own fans, Janet suggested performing one of my original compositions. Well, that’s opportunity, honor, and flattery I simply couldn’t refuse! My tune, Ain’t Gonna Be Blue, is about a very special friendship — Mrs. Malmstrom, I’m lookin’ at you — but it was mighty nice to perform with my swell musical buddy, Ms. Klein. The show was a blast and I was lucky to meet and make some new friends — on stage and off.

I hope you can join us at the Coffee Gallery Backstage:
Jack’s Cats Backstage at the Coffee Gallery, 8PM Tuesday, September 20th.

Jack’s Cats Event details on facebook here.

More info:
About Janet Klein.


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